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Granny Gremlin Audio gear blog
I decided to start a tumblr as a place where I could drone on about the gear I aquire / restore / build /modify and general audio related stuff... an expansion of the GGA page here. ... with occasional tangets for other stuff.

Gibson Bass
(now flyguitars)
If you need info about vintage Gibson basses (including dating by features).... or just wanna check out the most comprehensive multimedia encyclopedia on models produced before 1980 (not actually affiliated with the Gibson guitar company in any way, hence the name change). See also their forums with subboards for just about any make of bass/guitar you can think of, but I think they're kinda tumbleweedy these days.

The Last Bass Outpost
An international discussion board for all things bass (with a few guilty pleasure tangents including model trains, WWII aircraft, Richie Blackmore, and butt play... just don't mention ze var!). Home of the most knowledgable Gibson Bass enthusiasts on the interwebs (also Ric and Fender etc subforums); successor to the Dudepit and Badassbassplayers forums. Talkbass can suck it.

Guitars Canada
A national discussion board for all things guitar/amp - now also with a bass section. Great (local) buy and sell section (must be a paid member to sell; reasonable nominal fee).

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