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GGA started with Granny helping friends and bandmates by setting up their guitars and fixing the odd peice of gear. He had noticed that they had little money and were falling victim to shoddy/overpriced workmanship and audio voodoo gimmicks. GGA is all about value - providing quality products and services to the local independant music community, without unessecary bells and whistles, at a fair price.

Responding to a lack of affordable quality audio parts in Toronto, Granny has started stocking some base necessities including audio wire/cable and connectors, guitar pots, knobs, as well as protective corners and rubber feet for amps and cabinets.

In addition to selling parts, Granny also offers addional products and services such as guitar/bass setups and repair (specialising in wiring mods). Granny also designs and builds custom speakers and audio cables, small audio knick knacks and offers audio production services. Seeing a void in the instrument and especially reference listenning (mixing or hifi) speaker markets (it's nearly impossible to find anything that isn't bass reflex these days, and he's not a fan), Granny designed the FRTL4 studio monitor, which he uses for his own mixing projects.

For more information or pricing, please send an email to gga at grannygremlin dot com.

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The FRTL4 transmission line studio monitor:

Custom mic input cable for Cannon DSLR and RED cameras:

Reverb/Channel stomp switch for guitar amps:

Remote controls for the legendary AKG BX25 reverb unit:

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